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“The insurance industry should hold itself accountable for the fraud it experiences” A Chief Operating Officer for a European Insurance company tells me...He goes on to explain that customers feel like they need to lie in order to get what they’re owed, telling white lies to the insurer: “I park my car in a secure garage overnight” rather than “my car has never been in the garage because it’s full of stuff”. Masking the real story because they’re worried they won’t be covered. This negative relationship perspective also impacts the insurer themselves, having to wade through false statement after false statement.

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What makes Cyber Geospatial? Or what elements of Cyber are Geospatial? From my perspective, there are two main areas to consider. First, there is Cyber as a domain in itself.  Here, we’re dealing with tension points related to data location, data ownership and information flow, as well as the location of IT equipment and the location of attackers. This aspects need to be seen in the context of our traditional understanding of territory and nation states, applicable laws to cyber space under their jurisdiction. 

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So, in its essence, the Flock platform is driven by a risk intelligence engine which is our own technology that we've built over the last two years. The way that works is that we inject various source of real-time data and we combine that with various sources of static and historical data.  That data for example could include real-time weather conditions, so that's wind-speed, weather humidity, probability of rain-fall and so on.

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